Kerie Lane Is Sexy, Seductive, In A Class Of Her Own!


Kerie Lane
Kerie Lane is fully clothed with her hot pink shirt on, and that black short skirt on her, it’s just about to come off!

Kerie Lane
Kerie Lane is laying on the couch looking sexy with her top pulled down, so you can see her friends that turn all men and women on!

Kerie Lane
Kerie Lane is slowly taking the hot pink top off so she can be fully nude for the camera!

Kerie Lane
Kerie Lane is now showing off that natural full body form of hers with that nice bush of hers showing, you that were bring it back in the 09′!

Kerie Lane
Kerie Lane is turning you on while she lays on the couch, with her fully naked body, looking stunning, and beautiful, Kerie Lane is definitely bringing all natural, of the body of a natural woman… Sexiness back!

Kerie Lane is a sexy woman, with nice wonderful breast, great filled out body, she has a great happy bushy pussy, that is trimmed of course, so it’s not out of control, she is a hot brunette that is taking the porn world to the next level!

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One thought on “Kerie Lane Is Sexy, Seductive, In A Class Of Her Own!”

  1. Rod Ramjet says:

    Kerie Baby:
    You’re a tantalizing enigma. You look young enough to be a high school senior, yet mature and aware enough to go to a sophisticated club with a much older man. You remind me of a secretary where I worked about 40 years ago. One of the senior partners kept coming on to her and she repeeatedly put him off. Even some of the other executives were urging her to give it up for him. Finally, at a 70th birthday party for this partner, after the toasts and presents, Jolene gently took him by the hand and led him into his office and locked the door. Everyone clapped. I got a hard on just thinking of what was about to happen. I was in the washroom pleasuring myself at about the time he was probably undressing his “present.” When they came out of the office about an hour later, we applauded. Those were the days before PC and sex harassment lawsuits. Some of the other office girls took the cue and offered themselves to the other men at the party. Back then, young girls knew what was expected of them, and they delivered.

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